Shopify Optimization Tips and Automated Marketing Ideas

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What to expect from Speed Boostr this year:

  • New blog post every Tuesday morning to level up your store
  • Top notch optimization services by our team of experts
  • More tools to help you optimize your Shopify site
  • Helping you have your most successful year!


If you’re new here, welcome! My name’s Joe – Speed Boostr founder and main contributor on our blog.

Our goal is to help Shopify store owners like you optimize your site, improve conversions, and generate more traffic and revenue.

I’m also obsessed with automated marketing tactics. (more…)

Speed Boostr 2.0

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Oh hey first did you hear, Speed Boostr is turning 1 year old in October. Nice!

What started as a side project to dive into the depths of performance and optimize Shopify turned into… a growing collective of Shopify developers working to make Shopify sites (and the web in general) faster.

Speed Boostr 1.0

We used to only offer packages like this:


What is the Best Optimization Package for Your Site?

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All of our Shopify optimization packages include a core analysis and site wide optimizations that will lower your page weight and improve your load speed.

It’s hard to put an exact monetary ROI on each service package (we’re working on this), but we do know from stats like this that page load speed affects your conversion rate and engagement, so theoretically the faster you can get your site loading, the more traffic, customers, and revenue will flow (and more customers equals more referrals which nets more customers).

Speed Boostr Packages

We provide multiple options to fit your budget. The higher the package, the deeper analysis and optimizations we’re able to perform.


Speed Boostr 100% Guarantee

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Yes! It’s true.

We’ve worked on hundreds of Shopify sites, continuously experiment with optimization techniques, and take pride in doing good work.

My name’s Joe, I’m the founder of Speed Boostr.

< ---- That's me

I’m a Shopify Expert with loads of web development and ecommerce experience. Clients kept asking about optimizing their site and making it faster, and eventually I learned all the nooks and crannies of speed boosting.

Then I was like hmmmm everyone seems to want this type of service. So I looked into case studies and sources saying how much of a significant effect site speed has on your sites key metrics – conversions, engagement, SEO, revenue.

Then I was like maaaaaan if improving speed helps ecommerce sites make more money and get better engagement, everyone Shopify store owner should do this!


What is Speed Boostr?

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Speed Boostr is a professional service to make Shopify sites load faster.

We’re a team of Shopify experts that obsess on making websites faster, because it’s fun… but also because website speed affects your most important metrics:

  • User experience
  • Conversion rate
  • SEO rankings
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Revenue

All of those juicy metrics are positively impacted as a result of optimizing your page speed.

How It Works