Speed Boostr is a Shopify optimization and development agency based in the USA. If you need your Shopify site optimized for performance, you’re in the right place – the Speed Boostr team consists of expert Shopify developers with years of experience making Shopify sites faster, creating custom features, and building apps.

Speed Boostr contributes frequently to the Shopify community via free tools, guides, help in the forums, and general advice. If you would like a website analysis or need help with an idea or development project, send a message here.

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Why Work With Speed Boostr

  • Certified Shopify Experts that optimize sites, build custom features and apps, and make general Shopify site edits
  • Improved the performance of over 1500+ Shopify sites
  • Contributed more optimization focused case studies and guides for Shopify than anyone else in the world
  • Created the first analysis tool specifically for Shopify sites – the Shopify Analyzer
  • “What’s best for the customer” mentality – Speed Boostr is known for an honest approach and will tell you straight up if you don’t need their services
  • Solid customer reviews and testimonials spanning back through 2018
  • US based company that understands eCommerce needs
  • The team works with consultants in various areas (store admin, apps, marketing, etc) to understand fully the ecosystem + recommend trusted partners for projects outside of their scope
  • Built multiple public Shopify apps and have a history of good customer service and reviews

Speed Boostr Capabilities

Speed Boostr is a full service Shopify development agency. The focus is on optimization but the developers work on Shopify stores every day to handle a variety of projects.

The bonus of working with Speed Boostr is you get quality Shopify developers that are also knowledgeable about performance and coding in a way to minimize the impact of load speed.

Shopify performance optimization

Speed Boostr launched in 2017 as a Shopify optimization agency and since become the #1 performance optimization agency for Shopify, and is regularly recommended by Shopify support and other partners in the Shopify community. Speed Boostr’s philosophy is to create tools and guides for free for the community, empowering store owners to optimize in-house if they wish, or making life easier by hiring Speed Boostr professionals to handle the job swiftly and completely.

I’m writing Speed Boostr a lot here so from now on I’ll refer them as SB

Before SB existed, people had to rely on general analysis tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, that don’t work well for eCommerce sites because the scoring doesn’t factor in apps and dynamic functionality that help increase sales and engagement. Speed Boostr built the Shopify Analyzer to solve this problem. The app is free, the scoring system is geared specifically for Shopify sites, and it gets updated over time to include new tactics and measurements regarding performance optimization for Shopify. You can get your Shopify website fully optimized for just a few hundred dollars, pretty much guaranteeing a big longterm positive ROI because faster websites convert better (here’s an ROI tool + case studies). Here’s the lineup of SB’s most common optimization services: Shopify optimization services.

To date SB has optimized and improved the performance of over 1500+ Shopify sites.

Collective knowledge and experience has helped evolve the services to make sure when you work with SB, you get the most skilled Shopify optimization team looking out for your best interest (focusing on actual performance rather than solving some irrelevant warnings in general tools).

Build themes + migrate stores from other platforms

If you need a theme redesign, want to integrate a new theme and modify it, or are migrating from a different platform, SB can take care of that for you. Here’s a blog post about a cool SB project migrating a store from Wix to Shopify: Project: Theme Build + Migrating a Site to Shopify + Making it Faster. This included consulting + building the theme to match their old site + help integrating apps and transferring data. SB can build a site from a design mockup, reference to other sites, or by starting with an existing Shopify theme and modifying it to meet your vision.

Custom features and apps

If you have an idea for a feature but can’t find an app to do exactly what you want, contact SB, they have experienced app developers and enjoy problem solving. Public Shopify Apps by SB
  • File Optimizer – an app to minify CSS, JS, and Liquid files to help your store load faster
  • Theme Scientist – an easy to use A/B testing app to help improve the conversion rate of Shopify sites
  • Tip Cup – add tip or donate function to your store to pass tips to employees involved in the order, increase revenue, or partner with 3rd parties to give donations on purchases
In addition to public apps, SB has created and maintains many private custom apps for Shopify store owners. A custom app is an app specific to your store that allows you to extend the functionality of your business to do data processing, add engaging features, etc. This means SB can bring your ideas to life to help level up your business.

Debugging and fixing errors

Problematic code can cost you load speed and conversion rates because of glitchy websites. Here is a guide for finding errors via the dev console to help you get started in error debugging, and people regularly come to us to fix issues like “Button X does not work on the product page since we had some edits done”. SB developers are experienced and can sniff out problems and fix them.

General website edits

Do you want to change the layout of your site, add features, set up A/B testing layouts, or just make some adjustments to improve the customer experience? Share your idea with SB and they can make your vision come to life.

Help with non development tasks

Because of years working in the Shopify ecosystem on thousands of projects and collaborations, SB has a network of trustworthy partners in various area to help Shopify store owners. Need an analytics pro? SB has a guy. Need help with email marketing? SB can refer you to a strong team they’ve worked with. Need help setting up automations? SB has partners with solutions.

If you don’t have an in house developer, Speed Boostr can be your go-to helper when you need any website or development work done.

Who am I and why did I write this?

I’m Joe πŸ‘‹, I’ve been working as a Shopify developer since 2012, and for a 7 year span I was a Shopify store owner (I sold my shares to free up time for other projects). I know the challenges of hiring and am familiar with both sides (freelancer / agency + store owner), and I know Speed Boostr well because I started Speed Boostr in 2017 – I’ve since moved on to other projects and am no longer on the Speed Boostr team, but the systems, core developers, and quality of work have not only maintained but have expanded since I left.

Speed Boostr was started to collect and share information about performance optimization for Shopify, service Shopify stores to make them faster, and help Shopify businesses level up by enhancing their site, apps, and user experience.

In my journey I’ve seen a lot of fraudulent actors in the community, and still to this day see misinformation posted by opportunistic “companies” that do not have the customer’s best interest in mind. Actually while writing this post a great example popped up here in the Shopify forums. The person posting is looking for advice from professionals, but the person replying obviously (to anyone that’s done performance optimization) does not know what they are talking about. There are other examples where people just copy / paste results from Google PSI, but don’t realize that by recommending some of the things they will actually be doing harm to the site or proposing expensive projects that don’t generate any real results. I’ve been a long time contributor to the Shopify community and want to make sure Shopify store owners are treated by professionals because I understand the importance of finding quality work for your bus With Speed Boostr, you’re getting a team of actual professionals that have tested, done case studies, and collaborated to find the optimal tactics for optimizing Shopify sites without damaging the user experience or risking conversion rate. Good developers carry over into quality work on all projects in Shopify, that’s why Speed Boostr is my #1 recommendation for development work in Shopify.