Who Are We?

We’re a collective of developers that optimize websites, build apps, and create custom solutions.

We can build anything on Shopify and take pride in doing quality work.

Our mission is to help level up Shopify stores through our apps, services, and content.

If you have a technical problem contact us and we’ll do our best to solve it. 👍

What We’re Good At

Performance Optimization
Web Development
Shopify App Development
Custom App Development
Custom Theme Features
Automated Solutions
Work Ethic

Meet The Team

JoeFounder, CTO
Joe’s a Shopify Expert, eCommerce entrepreneur, and experienced developer. Outside of tech he’s into travel, trees, books, and comedy 🤙
DouglasDeveloper, Team Lead
Douglas is a Shopify optimization expert with over 2 years experience with Speed Boostr. When he’s not coding, he enjoys hiking and tending to his houseplants.
FrancesAnalyst, Support
Frances is all about helping our community and customers. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her enjoying milk teas and binge-watching shows on Netflix.
Chris is an enthusiastic developer who’s all about learning new tech and implementing them for the best results. When he’s not on his computer coding, he’s out playing volleyball or drinking boba milk tea!
Peter is a Shopify Developer who loves to learn about the newest tech trends and help clients reach their full potential. He enjoys coffee, reading, playing golf and traveling.
John’s a Shopify Developer who loves learning and implementing new technologies to try and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Beyond coding, his other interests include traveling, reading, wine tasting, and watching all types of sports.
Alex’s a Shopify developer with a passion for learning and expanding his knowledge-base in web development. His other interests include climbing, slacklining, jiu-jitsu and running.
SB Associates
SB AssociatesFreelancers
We have a strong network of partners and contributors we work with. If you need anything Shopify related we got you covered. 🤙