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Faster websites make more money by improving your key metrics.

Our team of Shopify experts will analyze and optimize your site to make it lighter, faster, and more Google friendly.

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We have a team of Shopify developers ready to improve your site’s performance. Here’s our flow:

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A 1 second decrease in load speed can increase conversions by 1% – 7% see case studies

Why Is A Fast Website Important?

With a full optimization, we’re able to reduce your home page weight by about 35% on average

We’re a collective of Shopify Experts focused on making your store faster and more profitable.

Hi I’m Joe

I’m a Shopify Expert, eCommerce entrepreneur, and experienced web developer. I started Speed Boostr in 2017 after building an expertise in optimization.

Speed Boostr has evolved into a collective of Shopify developers focused on performance and automation. We fix problems, analyze and optimize, build custom apps, and can handle any Shopify development you need.

Quality Service

We work hard, value integrity, and deliver positive results.

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For most sites, the Professional package works well. If you’ve done a lot of customizations and played with a lot of apps, you’ll benefit from the deeper analysis of the Entrepreneur package. If you just want a quick win, the Starter package will tighten up your site and reduce your page weight.
We usually deliver your upgraded theme within 2-5 business days.
Chances are your site isn’t fully optimized for speed. We’ve worked on hundreds of Shopify sites and know what to look for and how to optimize for speed.
Many optimizations we make will affect the entire site, but we focus on the main funnel: Home, Collection, and Product templates. If you’re having issues on any specific pages just let us know and we’ll channel the focus.
It could be a few hundred milliseconds, which improves your technical and SEO stats… or it could be 1 or more seconds, which can make a significant improvement in your engagement and traffic.
Nope, this is an expert service – we handle everything for you. We back up your theme, analyze your site, and then optimize it to improve speed.
Yes 100% safe. We backup your site, and only need limited access to update your theme so your live website won’t be affected while we work on your new theme.
No, you don’t have to do anything, we handle it all for you – it’s a 1-time optimization service that permanently improves your speed. We let you know what optimizations we performed in our delivery report.
It’s a controversial suggestion that’s possible to clear, but we typically don’t because it would require constant technical upkeep on your part after the optimization is complete. It can also cause layout glitches. Instead, we focus on minimizing above the fold content and loading a cleaner page.

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