Best Image Optimizer App for Shopify

2018-06-13T07:51:45+00:00 May 30th, 2018|Apps and Tools, Automation, Performance Optimization|

What is the best way to optimize images for your Shopify store?

CRUSH PICS automated image compression app.

This is our favorite image optimization app for Shopify, and the quickest way to improve your page load speed.

Image optimization is a key factor in page load speed.

By default images are usually not optimized to load fast on the web… or at least to their full potential.


Hiring for Ecommerce Marketing – A Guide to Scaling Your Store

2018-05-01T18:33:41+00:00 May 1st, 2018|Automation, Marketing Strategy|

If you’re like me you probably wait too long to hire and grow your team.

I tend to hire much faster now than earlier in my career because I realized this simple mantra – It’s all about the ROI.

If you’re a startup or running lean it doesn’t matter, as long as your hire generates a positive ROI you should go for it.

Let’s talk about scaling your store!


App Magic: The Best Shopify Apps for Automated Marketing and Easy ROI

2018-05-31T07:48:26+00:00 March 24th, 2018|Apps and Tools, Automation, Marketing Strategy|

Speed Boostr makes Shopify sites load faster, but we’re also ecommerce nerds! So we love experimenting and finding the best apps to automate sales and marketing.

After working with hundreds of Shopify stores and testing countless ecommerce marketing techniques, I’ve compiled a master list of the best Shopify apps to achieve automated marketing and easy growth.