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Daily Hustle: Ideas from Marketing School

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Need some marketing ideas? How about a new marketing idea every single day?

Check out Marketing School.

It’s a podcast hosted by internet marketing pros Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

They publish a new episode every day and drop knowledge with hacks, strategies, tools, and tactics to increase your traffic and revenue.

These guys are sharp, hardworking, and have a ton of experience.

Marketing School Hack

  1. Listen to an episode
  2. Think about how it relates to your business/niche
  3. Implement 1 idea or tactic from that episode
  4. Repeat daily
  5. Watch your business boom!

Marketing is all about experiments. Try enough tactics and you’ll eventually find winning strategies that you can convert to evergreen campaigns.

Enjoy the adventure!

What is the Best Optimization Package for Your Site?

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All of our Shopify optimization packages include a core analysis and site wide optimizations that will lower your page weight and improve your load speed.

It’s hard to put an exact monetary ROI on each service package (we’re working on this), but we do know from stats like this that page load speed affects your conversion rate and engagement, so theoretically the faster you can get your site loading, the more traffic, customers, and revenue will flow (and more customers equals more referrals which nets more customers).

Speed Boostr Packages

We provide multiple options to fit your budget. The higher the package, the deeper analysis and optimizations we’re able to perform.


Shopify Liquid Lesson: Auto Minifying CSS

2018-08-03T19:25:42+00:00 July 27th, 2018|Performance Optimization|

CSS and Minification

CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets) are files that control the style of your website by connecting style properties to html elements.

Like this:

In Shopify, you’ll find CSS files in your theme Assets folder.

What is minification?

CSS are text files. Minification compresses the text by removing extra characters like spaces and comments, and combining common styles.

This makes the file size smaller. When your files are lighter they transfer faster, which helps your site load faster.

The Challenge

You want to compress your files, but you also want them to be readable so you can edit and make updates.

All good Shopify has a technique that compresses your human readable CSS files into minified files on the server.

How to Minify Your Shopify CSS Files


Best Reviews App for Shopify

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Reviews are Key

They improve your conversion rate, SEO, trust factor, and give you quality feedback.

Let’s visualize a few scenarios:

  1. You land on a website with no reviews vs a website teeming with reviews. Which one feels more inviting?
  2. Search any product in Amazon. Usually the products with lots of reviews dominate the search results.
  3. Someone lands on your home page and sees actual customer reviews. Instant social proof.
  4. You search Google for “your product keywords”. Some results show reviews (rich snippets), and some don’t. Which would you click on?

Speed Boostr 100% Guarantee

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Yes! It’s true.

We’ve worked on hundreds of Shopify sites, continuously experiment with optimization techniques, and take pride in doing good work.

My name’s Joe, I’m the founder of Speed Boostr.

< ---- That's me

I’m a Shopify Expert with loads of web development and ecommerce experience. Clients kept asking about optimizing their site and making it faster, and eventually I learned all the nooks and crannies of speed boosting.

Then I was like hmmmm everyone seems to want this type of service. So I looked into case studies and sources saying how much of a significant effect site speed has on your sites key metrics – conversions, engagement, SEO, revenue.

Then I was like maaaaaan if improving speed helps ecommerce sites make more money and get better engagement, everyone Shopify store owner should do this!


Best Facebook Retargeting App for Shopify

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Retargeting = Showing an ad to potential customers after they’ve visited your site. This works by using common tracking pixels, like the Facebook pixel. It’s also known as remarketing.

Customers usually need multiple touch points with your brand before making a purchase. Retargeting reminds them about your awesome products by showing up later in their Facebook feed.

This works like magic.

Who wants to learn about the mastery of retargeting and set this up? I don’t haha that’s why I use apps!

Enter the experts –>> (more…)