We build apps, integrate custom features, and create automated solutions.

If you have an idea or want us to build something for you, contact us.

Public Apps

These are public apps that anyone can use. For custom apps scroll down πŸ‘‡

Order Automator Shopify app banner

The Order Automator saves time and automates processes related to orders and fulfillment.

See it on the Shopify app store here.

Key features:

  • Auto fulfill FBA orders
  • Auto tag orders
  • Order email notifications

app to auto fulfill amazon fba orders

shopify app to auto tag orders

shopify app to send order email notifications

order automator shopify flow

πŸ‘‰ Try it out for free on the Shopify app store

shopify analyzer app

We’ve analyzed and optimized hundreds of Shopify sites.

An issue we ran into in the early days was the lack of a good analysis tool specifically for Shopify sites… so we built one: the Shopify Analyzer.

shopify analyzer scorecard

General tools don’t care about your revenue, but we do.

If you try to get a perfect score on a general analysis tool you might end up uninstalling all your apps. Don’t do that πŸ–

We built our scoring system based on actual optimizations you should perform on a Shopify site. Our scoring system is data backed by hundreds of Shopify sites we’ve worked on.

The app shows you what can be optimized on your site.

shopify analyzer details example

Analyze your Shopify site here: analyze.speedboostr.com.

Custom Apps

If you need a specific solution that isn’t in the app store, or want to automate tasks in your business we can build you a custom app.

Let us know what feature / functionality you’d like and we’ll work on a solution.

Here are some ideas and examples of custom solutions we can build:

  • Order processing – csv exports, custom emails, automated tasks
  • Bulk price update – update prices by type or tag, for set time period
  • Calculators – free shipping qualifier, total saved, etc
  • Product uploading – allow partners or customers to create / upload products
  • Related products – custom related products widgets
  • Design custom product – allow customers to design their own product. Here’s an example: Custom Mat Builder
  • Disclaimers – for example require users to check a box before adding to cart
  • Infinite scrolling – implement infinite scrolling on collection pages
  • Blog features – make your blog more engaging with custom features