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  • Lazy loading
  • Minify CSS and JS
  • Preloading
  • App check + Image audit
  • Report
  • Guaranteed Lighter / Faster Site


  • Everything in Essentials
  • App analysis
  • Server and error analysis
  • Deep dive
  • Report
  • Guaranteed Lighter / Faster Site


  • Everything in Entrepreneur + Conversion Analysis
  • UX Audit
  • Cross browser / mobile testing
  • Foundation SEO analysis
  • Report
  • Guaranteed Lighter / Faster Site

We use the Shopify Analyzer and WebPageTest.org to measure performance issues and load speed. We can’t guarantee score changes on emulated tools like Google PSI or the Shopify speed score. Read this post to learn about load speed for Shopify.


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Increase profits by increasing your conversion rate.

With our Conversion Analysis we test your site against 80+ check points on mobile / desktop, browser compatibility, and SEO. To see the workflow and sample, check the Conversion Analysis section in our CRO guide.

A single discovery or idea generated in our Conversion Analysis report can easily pay for itself many times over into the future.


  • UX Audit
  • Cross browser / mobile testing
  • Foundation SEO analysis
  • Report


ESSENTIALS: Includes the core components of optimization. This is good for new sites on a budget.

ENTREPRENEUR: Ideal for sites that score a 0/100 on the Shopify Analyzer, have a theme 1+ years old, or have installed / uninstalled a lot of apps.

ENTREPRENEUR PLUS: Performance optimization + conversion optimization analysis + foundational SEO analysis + cross-platform testing.

CONVERSION ANALYSIS: If your performance optimization is looking good but you’d like to improve conversion rates, the Conversion Analysis can help point out issues and recommendations to help your site convert better.

CUSTOM: If you need a custom service, website feature, or theme edits please contact us for a quote.


We optimize Shopify sites every day. We do our best to optimize yours as much as possible.

Most of the optimizations apply to most of your site.

There are limits to what we can optimize (we can’t control 3rd party apps, server configurations, design choices).

We include reports and before / after stats with our optimization packages.

In most cases we can make your site lighter and faster.

For more details read this post: Shopify Optimization FAQ.

Yes, we take pride in doing quality work and giving excellent service. You can find reviews here: speedboostr.com/reviews.

You can also check more reviews in our Shopify app store page: Apps by Speed Boostr.

A lot of customers we work with end up being regular clients that come to us when they need any development work. We aim to build long lasting relationships to help you achieve your business goals.

We perform the services you order to the best of our ability. In most cases we can make your site lighter and faster.

If you order our full service Entrepreneur package, we guarantee a lighter and faster site or we’ll refund you. For our optimization packages we use WebPagetest.org to measure before / after performance stats.

We can’t guarantee specific speeds or scores with 3rd party tools because they’re usually general analysis tools not geared for Shopify / eCommerce sites.

It depends what tool you’re using.

If you’re using the Shopify Analyzer, then usually a higher score results in a faster website because the optimization warnings are based on factors that contribute to actual load speed.

If you’re using Google PageSpeed Insights or the Shopify speed score (both are based off the same engine so have similar scoring), then the score is based more on emulation than real load speed. Some key optimizations like lazy loading or image optimization may raise the score while also improving load speed, but sometimes raising the score in an emulation based tool can decrease actual performance. To see how load speed compares to score with these tools, see Case study: Does Raising PSI Score Improve Page Speed?

To measure actual load speed, use WebPageTest.org. We recommend focusing on optimizing what’s important for Shopify sites first (see our services listed above for ideas), then if you want to dive into warnings in particular tools, we can start an analysis project to see if anything can be done to further improve performance + advise on solutions.

It might change a little but we can’t guarantee any score changes because it’s largely based on the apps you use.

The Shopify speed tool uses the same engine as Google PageSpeed Insights. It’s a general analysis tool that’s not geared well for ecommerce sites. Most engaging ecommerce sites score low on these tools.

For more info + case studies see Shopify Speed Tool Analysis.

This is a good general tool to get ideas for performance optimization but it’s not good for eCommerce sites like Shopify.

Your score may increase, but the PSI scoring system doesn’t correlate to actual speed so we can’t guarantee a score increase. Most sites with 3rd party apps score low, but since the score is not equal to actual speed we recommend optimizing your site but also keep your revenue generating apps.

To learn more and get other expert opinions, check this post: The Truth About Google PageSpeed Insights for Shopify.

This depends on a few factors:

  • What tool you’re using to gauge the speed
  • What the connection speed is of the tool / user
  • How many 3rd party apps you’re using
  • How optimized your site is (we handle this part)

A good goal to aim for is under 4 seconds with WebPagetest at LTE connection speed setting. This translates to less than 2 seconds on a faster connection speed.

For performance benchmarks check this one: Shopify Performance Benchmarks.

Our standard process on optimization projects:

  1. You’ll be assigned a developer to take the lead on your project
  2. We back up your live theme and work on this new theme
  3. The developer will communicate with you and report the results after finishing your project

Yes. We use Stripe for payment processing. It’s the same company that handles Shopify Payments.

When you place an order your data gets encrypted and securely sent to process by Stripe. We cannot store or access your credit card information.

We’re a team of professional developers that love to code and take pride in doing quality work.

When we work on your site, we backup your live theme and work on the duplicate theme to prevent changes to your live site.

Yes, we make website edits, theme features, and build custom apps. See our Shopify Theme Services or Apps page for ideas.

If you have any questions we’re here to help.