Improve your Shopify site with our optimization services or packages.

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Optimization Services


  • What is lazy loading?
  • Lazy load images
  • Significant boost


  • Image compression
  • Server scaled images
  • File type usage


  • Remove old app code
  • Conditional loading
  • Theme analysis


  • Website edits
  • Fix errors
  • Scale images responsively
  • Minify CSS and JS

If you want to bundle services, you can put together a custom project here.

Optimization Packages

If you’re looking for a deeper site optimization the packages are a great solution.


  • Lazy loading
  • Image optimization
  • Minify CSS and JS
  • Reports
  • Guaranteed Lighter / Faster Site


  • Everything in Essentials
  • Server and error analysis
  • App analysis / optimization
  • Maximum site optimization
  • Guaranteed Lighter / Faster Site


  • Entrepreneur + Conversion Analysis
  • UX Audit
  • Cross browser / mobile testing
  • Foundation SEO analysis
  • Guaranteed Lighter / Faster Site

Our Process

We work on a backup theme so your live site isn’t affected during the process.

We deliver an Optimizations Performed report to show what we did + any relevant notes.

With any optimization service, we guarantee a lighter and faster site.
(we analyze your site first and do a before/after comparison using

What to Expect

Here are the average results from customers that purchased any service this year:

*Load speeds vary depending on connection speed. We use with Mobile LTE 12Mbs connection speed for benchmarking.

To see case studies estimate gains, check out our ROI Calculator.

For more details of our process, see this What to Expect post.

Which service to choose?

INDIVIDUAL SERVICES: Good for a quick win – a low cost investment in long term performance.

ESSENTIALS: Includes the core components of optimization, good for any site to get a performance boost and make sure your bases are covered.

ENTREPRENEUR: Ideal for sites that score a 0/100 on our Shopify Analyzer, have installed or uninstalled a lot of apps, or just want a thorough performance optimization.

ENTREPRENEUR PLUS: Maximum optimization + foundational SEO analysis + site testing and recommendations to improve conversions and engagement.

If you have any questions we’re here to help.