If you’re a Shopify store owner and haven’t heard of the eCommerce Fastlane podcast, give em a listen.

I had a conversation with Steve the host recently, mostly about optimization but also a sprinkle of business philosophy. Here’s the episode if you want to check it out to get some ideas + learn a little more about Speed Boostr: eCommerce Fastlane podcast.

Summary of the show

Naturally we spoke about optimization πŸ˜ƒ … also about Speed Boostr and our team, how we’re a collective of developers banded together – we all work remotely but try to meet up here and there for hackathons or beers and hang time.

Some takeaways:

  • Performance optimization is important, we have free tools (like the Shopify Analyzer) and guides for you (on our blog)
  • Conversion rate optimization is key, a single A/B test can yield massive long term gains (A/B test guide for Shopify here)
  • Business optimization is paramount to keeping your sanity and scaling your biz sustainably
  • I’ve been a multiple business owner for a few years, I share some of that and why I’m obsessed with optimization of all aspects
  • Speed Boostr is a uniquely positioned service provider and app development company because of being a team of developers + the founder is a successful Shopify store owner

What I like about Steve and eCommerce Fastlane

I like the niche Steve focuses on – Shopify partners. There are other podcasts that feature store owners and general topics of discussion, and I appreciate those too but also like to hear from experts in their arena.

Speaking with Steve pre-show, I got the feeling he really cares about providing max value to his audience. He’s organized and brainstorms ideas with the guest to provide the value nugs people will benefit from and walk away with tangible ideas and level-up tasks.

He said he’s a fan and regular user of our Shopify Analyzer app, so that’s cool.

Other than that, real nice guy. Thanks Steve I’ll see ya around!