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New Year, New Highs! The Top Techniques for E-Commerce in 2024 (Part 1)

2024-02-20T14:24:37-07:00December 22nd, 2023|How-To Guides, Optimization|

  • E-commerce revenue in the US hit $910 billion in 2023, projecting a +10.4% growth.
  • 20.8% of retail purchases are now online, with an additional +9% expected in 2024.
  • Maximize your success with the latest techniques using our comprehensive guide!

Mobile-first design

👉 It’s become clear in 2023 that Mobile devices are now the primary platform for […]

Save Money on SEO – How to Use Google’s Free Tools to Get a Higher Ranking in 2023

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  • Organic search traffic is one of the best ways to get a consistent revenue stream, it creates opportunity for any store owner; because even without a known brand, your audience can still discover you.
  • There are many paid-for tools available for SEO, and although they do provide technical deep insights, the important core factors […]

Boosting Sales Through Bundling: Your Ultimate Guide To Shopify Bundles

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Looking for a game-changing sales strategy that allows you to combine related products into irresistible packages, draw customers in, and boost your revenue all at the same time? If so, read up because product bundling may just be the solution you’re looking for!

Product bundling is an effective strategy where related products are combined […]

Move your Mobile PageSpeed Scores Up into the Green

2023-10-30T11:01:35-06:00October 27th, 2023|Optimization|

  • Mobile devices account for at-least half of all E-Commerce traffic in 2023.
  • Having a fast Mobile store is crucial not only for SEO, but for CRO too! Learn the logic behind Mobile optimization, and begin building for performance in this guide.
  • Written for both Store owners and experts alike – feel free to contact […]

Closer Look at Shopify Apps that Optimize Great for Core Web Vitals in 2023 (…and what to avoid!)

2023-10-23T08:45:51-06:00October 23rd, 2023|Optimization|

  • Web Core Vitals are more important now than ever before when it comes to optimizing your web store for organic search and great customer experience.
  • Customers expect a store that’s seemingly instant to load but still feature-packed and intuitive to use.
  • Shopify’s App system is essentially doomed/broken by design and cannot be blindly trusted. […]