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New Year, New Highs! The Top Techniques for E-Commerce in 2024 (Part 2)

2024-03-07T14:00:31-07:00March 7th, 2024|How-To Guides, Marketing Strategy|

  • Analysts predict online retail revenue will hit a total of $8.1 trillion by the end of 2024.
  • Availability is an emerging trend – 46% of consumers say they will move to suppliers who always have the products they want in stock.
  • Self-service, automated and customized experiences are what both retail consumers, and B2B businesses […]

New Year, New Highs! The Top Techniques for E-Commerce in 2024 (Part 1)

2024-02-20T14:24:37-07:00December 22nd, 2023|How-To Guides, Optimization|

  • E-commerce revenue in the US hit $910 billion in 2023, projecting a +10.4% growth.
  • 20.8% of retail purchases are now online, with an additional +9% expected in 2024.
  • Maximize your success with the latest techniques using our comprehensive guide!

Mobile-first design

👉 It’s become clear in 2023 that Mobile devices are now the primary platform for […]

Save Money on SEO – How to Use Google’s Free Tools to Get a Higher Ranking in 2023

2023-12-21T14:57:31-07:00December 1st, 2023|Uncategorized|

  • Organic search traffic is one of the best ways to get a consistent revenue stream, it creates opportunity for any store owner; because even without a known brand, your audience can still discover you.
  • There are many paid-for tools available for SEO, and although they do provide technical deep insights, the important core factors […]

Move your Mobile PageSpeed Scores Up into the Green

2023-10-30T11:01:35-06:00October 27th, 2023|Optimization|

  • Mobile devices account for at-least half of all E-Commerce traffic in 2023.
  • Having a fast Mobile store is crucial not only for SEO, but for CRO too! Learn the logic behind Mobile optimization, and begin building for performance in this guide.
  • Written for both Store owners and experts alike – feel free to contact […]