Order Automator is a Shopify app that automates tasks related to order processing (+ more tools).

βš™οΈ A new feature for the app just launched called the order monitor.

How it works

  • Create a rule to check orders X days old and take action
  • The monitor job runs every day at noon and will take the action you chose if your rule matches
  • You can set it to ignore certain orders based on conditions or only check orders with a certain tag


A popular rule is to notify staff of orders that are X days old and not fulfilled yet.

This is especially useful if you’re using a 3rd party fulfillment service (like Amazon FBA to fulfill Shopify orders, because Amazon sometimes fails to send back the tracking number to Shopify, leaving the order unfulfilled).

Here’s how it looks in the app (also set to ignore international and archived orders):

You can notify staff, tag orders, or do just about anything you want because of Order Automator’s customization abilities.

If you’re not using Order Automator yet check it out here in the Shopify app store. This app will save you time + can help with marketing tasks like building customer lists to be used for remarketing.

I’m the lead developer of this app and enjoy building new features, so if you need more functionality just send me a message from the app.

Cheers to automation! πŸŽ‰