• Are you getting the most out of the OS 2.0 update? The web is always evolving, and staying up to date with the best practices can be a real chore! Get a quick overview of the crucial do’s and don’ts for stores in 2023.
  • OS 2.0 is not only faster, it can also process more transactions at once and provides a wealth of new features for store owners – such as new native support for meta fields, an overhauled sections system for the theme customizer, and better integration for internationalization via Shopify markets.

Huge Updates to The Theme System

The theme is undoubtedly the most crucial part of the whole operation and beyond products – the key differentiator of all our Stores, so the great news here is that Shopify has finally revamped the way themes work; it’s the first major iteration of the Online Store system in over a decade!

The new 2.0 specification was built with performance in mind, including far stricter rules and regulations for Theme developers. Even the theme store itself was re-opened to accommodate all of this.

Now, in 2023, there’s no way to sneak huge SCSS files in anymore, and the liquid code and json schema have to run on the new, improved syntax, which reduces pre-render hugely at Shopify’s backend server-side and also at the browser for client-side delivery too.

The warning messages that have been displayed in the code editor for the past years are now strictly enforced, and we can only assume this trend will continue.

Although all themes still work on Shopify (as they’ve ensured it’s backward compatible), continuing to run an out-of-date/vintage theme means you are not only missing out on the latest features but also means you may not be future-proof going into 2024 and beyond!