Speed Boostr is a professional service to make Shopify sites load faster.

We’re a team of Shopify experts that obsess on making websites faster, because it’s fun… but also because website speed affects your most important metrics:

  • User experience
  • Conversion rate
  • SEO rankings
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Revenue

All of those juicy metrics are positively impacted as a result of optimizing your page speed.

How It Works

We’ve developed a system, a checklist of speed hacks, to thoroughly analyze and optimize Shopify sites. We use many of the same principles as any website, but Shopify has some platform specifics (like apps, how it loads images, and its architecture).

Some of the key areas we work on:

  • Image optimization
  • Script and CSS optimization
  • Conditional loading of apps
  • Architecture optimization
  • Analysis of server requests
  • Page analysis of loaded elements

We’ve been doing this for years – we got it down. That’s how we can guarantee to lower your page weight, make your site faster, and make your site faster.

How We Measure Performance and Results

We use a variety of tools but the 2 primary tools we use to gauge performance and results from our service are Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom.

PageSpeed Insights is a great tool to get quick ideas for possible optimizations. While we don’t agree with all of their warnings (some compromise user experience), we do use it as a general tool to spot possible performance issues, and naturally improve your score by fixing the important warnings.

Pingdom is awesome. It gives detailed readings of the assets and resources loaded for any page. This helps us find lagging scripts or extra large images and files.

It also gives page load speed. It’s hard to get an exact reading on page speed, so what we do to measure load speed is take 3 readings and average them.

The tools help guide us, then we use our experience to analyze the site and spot additional opportunities to maximize performance.

What’s the ROI?

It’s hard to say, depends how much traffic you get now and in the future, but in the long run our service yields a huge ROI.

A 1 second decrease in page load speed can increase conversions by 7%
– Kiss Metrics

That adds up pretty quickly… Making your website faster makes way for exponential gains – your conversions increase, which increases your customers, each customer tells their friends, new people find you, meanwhile your getting increased engagement and time spent on site, and having a technically faster website which all gives positive signals to Google to rank you better, because your site has it together and provides a good user experience.

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