We launched the Shopify Analyzer 1.0 in February 2019 for the Shopify community to use as an analysis tool specifically for Shopify sites.

What is the Shopify Analyzer 1.0?

The Shopify Analyzer 1.0 is a free web app that analyzes Shopify sites, scores performance based on key optimization areas, and gives recommendations to make your site faster.

Here’s what we have been doing since then:
  • Using the Shopify Analyzer 1.0 to analyze and optimize thousands of sites.
  • In 2022, we analyzed over 30,00 Shopify stores
    • The average score is 55.
      • 24% scored an A.
      • 13% scored a B.
      • 10% scored a C.
      • 53% scored a D or less.
  • Improving our scoring system based on the tens of thousands of sites we analyzed.
  • Getting valuable feedback from our team, users, and customers
  • Adding a ton of new features to Analyzer 1.0
  • Planning for and working on the Analyzer 2.0
What does the Shopify Analyzer 2.0 offer?

We are happy to announce the launch of the Shopify Analyzer 2.0 beta. It offers a brand-new engine, a handful of new audits, and a visual redesign.

The Shopify Analyzer 2.0 offers many features that were not available in 1.0:
  1. A brand-new engine – The new engine is faster and more efficient. It also provides a more comprehensive analysis of your site’s performance.
  2. Improved scoring system – We have updated our scoring system to be even more precise and comprehensive when analyzing sites for optimization opportunities.
  3. Visual design – Our visual design has been completely overhauled, making it easier for users to understand their results and recommendations at a glance.
  4. Comprehensive audits – We have added several new audits, such as JavaScript minification, image compression, server response time, and caching strategies, among others which are essential for optimizing any Shopify site’s speed and performance.
  5. Actionable recommendations – The Analyzer 2.0 will provide actionable recommendations on optimizing your site based on its findings so you can make changes quickly without needing an expert opinion or spending hours trying to identify the issues yourself.

What are the benefits of implementing the recommendations provided by Analyzer 2.0?

Applying the Shopify Analyzer 2.0’s recommendations can help you improve your website’s speed and performance in several ways:
  1. Improved page loading times – The faster your pages load, the better user experience they will have on your site leading to increased conversions, higher customer satisfaction levels, better search engine rankings, etc.
  2. Increased sales– Faster page loading times mean customers can browse through products quicker, resulting in higher sales volumes and shorter shopping cart abandonment rates due to improved user experience.
  3. Better SEO Rankings – PageSpeed scores are one of many factors considered when determining how websites rank in search engine results pages (SERP). With a faster website, you can expect improved SEO rankings resulting in more organic traffic from search engines like Google & Bing.
How many analyses can I run each month with the Analyzer 2.0?

We offer plans depending on how many analyses you need to run each month.

  • Our Free Plan – allows you to perform five analyses/per month.
  • Our Basic Plan – allows you to perform ten analyses/per month and provides 3-month data retention.
  • Our Professional Plan – allows you to perform 25 analyses/per month and provides 6-month data retention.
  • Our Exclusive Plan – allows you to perform 100 analyses/per month and provides 12- month data retention.
  • Our Unlimited Plan – allows you to perform Unlimited analyses/per month and provides 24-month data retention.

We are excited about the launch of our new Shopify Analyzer Version 2.0! It is a powerful tool that offers a brand-new engine, improved scoring system, visual design, comprehensive audits, and actionable recommendations on optimizing your site based on its findings.

So why wait? Try our new 2.0 version today!