Previously we just offered full optimization packages and custom projects.

We’re always trying to give you the best value, so based on customer feedback, we’re now offering individual services as well. Now you can get the best ROI for your particular situation.

For sites that have an older theme, have made a lot of edits, installed/uninstalled a lot of apps, the Packages are still a great way to get a full optimization. Now you have more options.

We also included an Annual Checkup service, which is good to run every once in awhile just to make sure your site is optimized and up to date.

You’d be surprised to see how many stores we come across with old app code (from deleted apps) still running on their site, taking up resources. We also see a decent number of sites with server/javascript errors.

Our goal is to keep your site performing at its best through performance optimization and proven Shopify marketing strategies that yield a positive ROI.

If you ever want us to take a look at your site, feel free to hit us up any time.

If you have any other service requests to add to the Optimization Services page, please let us know too. We’re here to help you as best we can.