Klickly showed up on my radar a few months ago and quickly became one of my favorite inbound traffic generating apps for Shopify stores.

Why? Because it’s a risk free advertising model – you only pay for traffic that generates sales.

Think of it as paid ads but with an affiliate pricing model – pay per conversions, automated marketing style where you set the ROI.

Pay Per Conversion = pay after you make the sale, instead of paying per click or view.

How Bout Some Stats

Here’s a 30 day snapshot of a store I use it on:

klickly month snapshot roi

  • 3,000 clicks for about $170, not bad!
  • 3.6x ROI is pretty solid, I’ve seen this get as high as 12x ROI depending on the time period, stock levels, etc.

How It Works

Klickly runs outside your store – instead of a Shopify app, you use their web app to configure, then place a tracking script on your store.

1. Sign up for a Klickly brand account.

2. You add products to be advertised then organize them into campaigns.

3. Klickly serves up interactive ads across the internet (like Google Ads).

Outcome A) When someone clicks an ad and comes to your site but doesn’t purchase anything… you just got a free click 😎

Outcome B) When someone clicks and comes to your site and purchases, Klickly gets a commission – the commission you already set ahead of time.

There’s no startup fee, no monthly fee, no charge other than your ad spend.

Naturally the higher you set the commission, the more views and placement you get. I experiment with this but usually start around 20%.

Result = guaranteed ROI or free clicks.

Cool Ad Feature

Klickly has interactive ads where customers can purchase from within the ad straight from the site they’re browsing.

Here’s an example:

You can see that ad demo in action here.

The Magic

They use machine-learning, data analyis, and in-ad buy button technology to create a mutually beneficial ad delivery system.

For store owners the real magic is the automation. Once you add your products and set up your campaigns, Klickly takes over and starts driving you traffic and sales.

Automated marketing app with guaranteed positive ROI, double win πŸ‘πŸ‘

How to Get Setup

Hook up to their web app here.

Add all your products.

Set your preferred commission rate.

Let it roll then check back a week later and see how the stats are doing. Adjust as necessary.

Enjoy the easy sales!