All of our Shopify optimization packages include a core analysis and site wide optimizations that will lower your page weight and improve your load speed.

It’s hard to put an exact monetary ROI on each service package (we’re working on this), but we do know from stats like this that page load speed affects your conversion rate and engagement, so theoretically the faster you can get your site loading, the more traffic, customers, and revenue will flow (and more customers equals more referrals which nets more customers).

Speed Boostr Packages

We provide multiple options to fit your budget. The higher the package, the deeper analysis and optimizations we’re able to perform.


This service is good for a quick win, focusing on site-wide image optimization.

Compressing your images is just the first step of image optimization. You also want to make sure that your theme is loading up the correct size images, and also that you’re using the correct type of image (jpg, png, etc).

Key Features

  • Image Optimization: Compress images, analyze and update theme to make sure optimal image sizes are loading, ensure correct file types are being used (for example not using a “png” where a “jpg” should be used).
  • Minify Scripts: We minify and/or combine javascripts when possible. This can save some weight and file requests.
  • Minify CSS: We minify and/or combine stylesheets when possible to save page weight and file requests.


The Pro package is a good choice for most mid range and small stores.

Includes a site wide analysis + a look at javascript and server errors. This is a great choice for an annual checkup.

Key Features

  • Everything in Starter
  • Lazy Loading: Tactic to make images load as they’re coming into view, rather than all during initial page load.
  • Key Template Optimization: Many of our optimizations benefit your whole site. Here we also look at file requests on your home, product, and collection pages to identify performance opportunities.
  • General checkup: We analyze JavaScript and server errors for each of your site’s templates, and either fix (if possible) or give a recommended action. We also look for general optimization opportunities. Here’s an example of errors coming from Google Chrome Console:
  • Blog Analysis: We’ll analyze your blog and article templates, then show you how to maximize your blog posts for speed.


The full package, Entrepreneur, is ideal for sites that have done a lot of customizations or installed and uninstalled a bunch of apps.

Sometimes just “deleting” an app doesn’t remove all the necessary code. We’ve seen situations where leftover scripts are still loading for old apps, wasted resources right there.

Key Features

  • Everything in Professional and Starter
  • Deep Analysis of Loaded Resources: We use tools like Pingdom and Web Page Test to see what’s loading all over your site, and see what can be optimized (spot old/unnecessary scripts, move things around, etc).
  • App Analysis: As part of our deep analysis, we’ll look for excess scripts and straggler app code that can be cleaned up or removed.
  • Maximum Speed Optimization: We invest additional time to investigate each page template with the goal to fully maximize the speed potential of your site.


Any of our packages will have a positive impact on your site by making it lighter and faster, but if you want to go for the full maximization the Entrepreneur package gives our devs more time to work on your store.

You can purchase any of our optimization packages here.

If you’re unsure which package is best for you, feel free to give us a shout.