Automating your email marketing helps you save time and drive sales 24/7 year-round. With Klaviyo email flows, you can send relevant and personalized messages to targeted audiences to build customer relationships and get your subscribers closer to converting.

Keep reading to know the best Klaviyo flows to take your email marketing to the next level today.

What are Klaviyo flows?

Flows are automated emails sent to someone when they interact with your brand in a specific way, like subscribing to your list, adding items to a cart, or making a purchase. Klaviyo will send emails based on set triggers and flow filters.

Klaviyo flows require little effort to implement. They help you:

  • Streamline your email marketing efforts, saving you time and energy. – All you have to do is create email templates for every automation, customize the triggers, and have multiple Klaviyo flows running in the background and sending out emails at the right moment throughout the buyer’s journey. 
  • Provide a personalized experience. – Make sure your sign-up forms collect valuable data, like birthdays, reasons for shopping, and the kinds of products your customers like.
  • Increase your retention rates. – Create an outstanding post-purchase experience by providing clear status order updates, sending thank-you and educational emails, and automating your loyalty program.

Top 5 Klaviyo flows you need to implement now

To help you polish your automation workflows, we’ve listed the five best Klaviyo flows to implement, from the fundamental flows to more advanced sequences. Apply these tactics to build well-designed Klaviyo flows and double your sales.

1. Non-buyer welcome flow

A compelling and visually appealing welcome email series allows you to make a great impression, establish genuine connections, and spotlight your brand identity. When optimized well, the non-buyer welcome flow can be one of your highest revenue drivers.

  • Immediately provide the incentive you promised when people signed up for your list, whether it’s a 20% off coupon code for first-time buyers or another special offer.
  • Share your brand story, unique selling proposition, and lots of social proof, like customer reviews, quotes, and testimonials, to help people become more familiar with your brand and boost conversion rates. Emphasize what makes your product line better than the rest.

2. Zero-party data flow strategy

With email automations, you want to provide highly personalized, custom content to achieve your marketing goals. You can elevate the customer experience by leveraging zero-party data, which is information someone gives to you voluntarily. When you design flows based on responses, you get people hooked and keep them coming back for more.

  • Create an exciting on-site, pre-purchase quiz to learn a customer’s behaviors, preferences, and interests to personalize your flows. Quizzes convert at around 25% and give you valuable data to boost your email conversion rates.  
  • Build various welcome sequence automations targeted at different segments. Segment responders into different groups, and enroll them in highly personalized email flows with custom content, such as tailored product recommendations. Apps like OctaneAI and Convertflow let you directly send quiz results to Klaviyo without coding.
For example, a skincare brand can ask users about their skin health issues through a fun and engaging quiz. Then, the users will be prompted to enter their email to see the results. They will receive a highly personalized email flow with specific product recommendations that solve their problems, instilling brand trust and loyalty.

3. Win-back flow (trim your email list to increase CVR) 

A win-back flow triggers when there’s no engagement after a particular number of days. The goal is to gain back the interest of customers who haven’t purchased or subscribers who haven’t interacted with your brand for a while.

  • Identify your inactive customers and create an inactive segment before running a win-back campaign. While you may not want to reduce your email list, inactive customers can reduce your conversion rates and affect your sender reputation as they typically won’t engage with your emails—causing your future emails to get stuck in the spam folder.
  • Say goodbye to inactive customers who haven’t engaged after your win-back campaign. You can put your inactive list in your “don’t send to” dropdown when making a new campaign or add inactive customers to your suppressed list.

4. Checkout abandonment flow

Customers drop out before purchasing for various reasons. The goal of the checkout abandonment flow is to identify these users and attempt to recover sales. 

  • Send your first email one to four hours after checkout abandonment. Ensure you display dynamic content showing the cart contents and add engaging copy, plus reviews and other social proof, to encourage the user to complete the purchase. You can send follow-up emails over the next few days to entice users with limited-time offers, FAQs, and a final reminder when the coupon expires.
It’s best to build multiple checkout abandonment flows for your bestselling items, so you can add reviews, highlight benefits, and provide product-specific answers.

5. VIP and purchased-at-least-once customer flows

Segmenting your email list can significantly improve conversions, as it makes your messaging stronger and more impactful.

  • Your VIPs have bought at least three times or spent five times your average order value (AOV). Validate the VIP status of your big spenders by giving them early access to special deals, promotional sales, and product launches. You can even give them better, exclusive discounts. Run VIP-only surveys to gather valuable insights.
  • Customers who have bought your products at least once are highly likely to buy again, especially if you provide a stellar post-purchase experience. Offer small discounts and engaging information about the product range they like. Additionally, incorporate cross-sell flows, which encourage repeat purchases by providing well-thought-out product recommendations that consider your buyers’ transaction history. You want to spotlight the most relevant products that go well with the buyer’s previous purchases. When done right, you can turn one-time buyers into loyalists.

Build the right Klaviyo flows to boost your email marketing success

While there’s no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to email automation, our suggestions above will help you polish your approach. Keep exploring different flows to discover the best revenue drivers. It’s an excellent idea to A/B test different creative concepts to identify the best designs, copy, and send times. With the right email marketing flows, you can instill brand trust, build lasting customer relationships, and ultimately boost conversion rates.