Last updated: October 22nd, 2019

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Shoelace updated their pricing and priced a lot of smaller stores out. If you need help setting up a retargeting system contact us.

Retargeting = Showing an ad to potential customers after they’ve visited your site. This works by using common tracking pixels, like the Facebook pixel. It’s also known as remarketing.

Customers usually need multiple touch points with your brand before making a purchase. Retargeting reminds them about your awesome products by showing up later in their Facebook feed.

This works like magic.

Who wants to learn about the mastery of retargeting and set this up? I don’t haha that’s why I use apps!

Enter the experts –>> Shoelace.

easy facebook marketing with retargeting

Shoelace is an app/team of retargeting experts that implement advanced strategies for your Shopify store. They handle everything, you just need to approve their suggestions.

Here’s an actual snapshot of lifetime ROI and 30 day ROI on a Shopify store I work on doing 10k – 15k monthly visits.

facebook remarketing stats for shopify

The pixel gets smarter over time, so your ROI generally increases.

“Retargeting can increase your sales by 12% on average”– Shoelace

How to Set Up The Automated Income Stream

1) Install Shoelace

2) They’ll set up the technical details with your Facebook account and create ads for you. When the ads are ready, they’ll share the ads and recommended budget with you for approval, then flip the switch with your OK.

3) Kick back, grab a beer 🍻 and watch your new marketing campaign generate sales on autopilot.

Their goal is to get you more sales, so they steady work to improve your remarketing funnel, and at the same time your Facebook pixel gets smarter.

Is Shoelace Right for Me?

If you’re doing $3,000/mo sales or 5,000+ monthly visits, this is an automatic yes.

With an app like this, you pay a monthly fee but essentially get a professional Facebook remarketing manager. If you’re hitting those revenue/traffic numbers, you should see an easy multiple ROI.

If you’re coming in under that $3k benchmark, it might take awhile to get going because you need actual traffic for this to be effective.

There’s a free trial so you can give it a go, but you’ll want to have a solid traffic strategy in place to get to at least a few thousand visits per month.

If you need some traffic generation ideas, contact us here and ask for Joe. I’ll give you some marketing ideas for your niche and steer you in the right direction.

Tips for Success

The Shoelace pros will handle everything for you, but here are some ways you can work with them to get the best ROI.

  • Offer a discount in the ad. 10% or 15% off is good. Sometimes your customer just needs an extra little hookup to buy from you.
  • Gather some good lifestyle images for your ads. Pics of your products with people using them are great.
  • Give Shoelace some info about your brand so they can craft ads that speak to your audience.
  • If you have a reviews app like installed, Shoelace can connect and show ads with 5 star reviews of the products they were browsing. Nice!
  • When you get set up, ask about their other app integrations – you can integrate with Mailchimp, Back In Stock, and many more to drive your automated marketing funnel.

Advanced Retargeting Strategies

Shoelace will work with you and take care of the details, but just to show you an example of advanced strategy, here is a sample sequential “Journey” they can set up for you:

facebook ad retargeting journey

Automated Marketing is the Best!

If you couldn’t tell I’m a huge fan of automated marketing. I love setting up systems that work on autopilot to drive more traffic and revenue.

Update: 2 More Apps That are Smashing it with Facebook Retargeting

1. Recart

Recart Facebook retargeting Shopify app

Recart can be used in addition to your other retargeting apps, because it’s primarily focus is Facebook Messenger.

Key features:

  • Facebook messenger retargeting
  • Abandoned carts
  • Push notifications
  • Messenger engagements

“Building a Messenger marketing list means you’ll usually see 85%+ open rates and 30%+ click rates on your marketing campaigns”– Recart

Nice rates!

After you install Recart, check out Neil Patel’s article How to Use Facebook Messenger to Sell More E-Commerce Products to get some ideas on creating your marketing campaigns.

2. Snappic

Snappic is more Instagram focused but does well with Facebook retargeting as well. It’s a nice combo to set up and put on autopilot to increase your sales and engagement.

snappic average roi

Insider tip: Use the code EASYMONEY to get $50 off your first month with Snappic.

I’ve used both Snappic and Shoelace on the same store and maintained a positive ROI, but probably one or the other works best for most sites.

  • If your brand is highly active on Instagram, I would give Snappic shot
  • If your primary focus is Facebook, or you’re not using Instagram much, try Shoelace
  • With either strategy, Recart is worth experimenting with for a month to see how it performs for you

Try these out for a month or so. If they work for you, then BOOM you just added an automated marketing channel generating positive ROI. If they don’t, then BOOM that’s a successful test as well because you know what doesn’t work and can try the next experiment.

Final words: “Always be testing” 👨‍💻