Order Automator saves you time by automating processes related to orders and fulfillment.

Today we added a new feature: set custom email notifications to send based on product / order conditions.

Here’s how it works

Create a tag rule then click the mail icon next to it:

setting email notifications for tag rules on order automator

Then enter the email address you want to be notified when an order comes through that meets those conditions:

enter custom email address for notifications

Use case ideas

When an order comes in, let the right team member know for scenarios like:

  • Customer selected expedited shipping
  • Notify specific dropshipping vendors when an order with their product comes in
  • If an order has a fraud risk
  • You’re running a promotion where a free gift comes with Product A
  • Team A handles Product Type X, while Team B handles Product Type Y

This feature came from a user request. We built this app for you, we like requests. πŸ‘

Give the app a try and if you need more features just reach out.