Updated December 22, 2021

Theme Scientist is an A/B testing app for Shopify.

theme scientist shopify ab testing app snippet

Theme Scientist started out as an A/B testing app for themes, now it has product A/B testing too! 🥳

Product A/B Testing

Question: Would your product sell more or less if you increased the price by 20%?

Answer: Run an A/B test and let actual data show you the truth.

A couple years ago I ran an A/B test on a product selling at $23.

Most competitors priced in the range from about $12 to $30.

I said, “the brand is strong and the product is great, let’s try raising the price to 28”.

After 1 month the data showed that sales of the higher priced version were about 20% greater. The new price became permanent.

That 1 experiment increased profit of that product by about $1,200 per month. Nice.

That experiment made me start taking A/B testing seriously.

Every ecommerce store should always be running at least 1 A/B. If not, you’re leaving money on the table.

💡 Every A/B experiment is a win because you learn.

Even if your split test variant performs weaker than your control (current version), now you know that you had the right version already. Next test.

Theme Scientist Version 2.0

Here are some examples of product A/B tests you can try:

Image Order

Try a standard product image vs a lifestyle image of someone using your product.

Test image order in shopify

Price Test

Try pricing your product higher and see if it has a significant effect.

Test price of shopify products

Product Title

Test 2 different names for your product, maybe 1 will resonate stronger with your audience.

Test shopify product title

Compare Price

Maybe making your product “on sale” will help sales. Maybe not. Who knows until you try.

Test sale and compare price in shopify

How It Works

With Theme Scientist you just set up the experiment in the app, and then every day at 00:01 the app swaps the version so each version gets a full day of exposure.

This gives you a good split test because the same user might visit your site from different devices throughout the day. Keeping 1 version for a full day helps keep a consistent testing environment.

The app tracks the stats like:

  • page views
  • adds to cart
  • orders
  • sales
  • conversion rate

You can run the test as long as you’d like. I recommend 2 weeks as a general rule, since this will have each day of the week getting a full view.

My preferred test length is 1 month, unless it’s a high traffic site or I can see a clear winner earlier then I might do a shorter test.

How to get started

Theme Scientist has a 14 day free trial.

The goal of this app is to help you increase your conversion rate so you can get more value from your hard earned traffic.

Get the app here 👉 apps.shopify.com/theme-scientist.

If you want some other ideas for A/B testing check out our Shopify AB Test Guide.