Last updated September 24, 2021

Thank you for reading our refund policy, we’re all about transparency so want to give you ample information before starting a project to decide if our services are right for you.

Note from the founder: Hi, Joe here with a quick message. Sorry for the disclaimer, most projects go smoothly with clients happy with our work. This is just a disclaimer to protect our people from the occasional bad apple that tries to scam us, or for someone that has unreasonable expectations and demands a refund after the work has been completed. We are honest, hardworking, and try to do what’s best for your store. If we don’t think a project is a good fit for you, we tell you and refund you before starting.

Performance Optimization Projects
Non-Optimization Projects

Performance Optimization Projects

If you’re not familiar with how load speed or analysis tools work, we recommend reading this before starting a project with us: Understanding Load Speed + Analysis Tools and Scoring on Shopify.

Key Points

  • We’ve optimized over 1,500 Shopify sites, we do our best to optimize yours as much as possible
  • If we don’t see a possibility to optimize your site, we give you a full refund
  • We use to measure load speed before and after a project
  • We do not use Google PageSpeed Insights or Shopify speed score (they use the same scoring system) because they are not good tools for measuring performance on engaging ecommerce sites (details here)
  • Most active Shopify stores we’ve seen score between 20 – 35 in Google PSI / Shopify speed score. Scoring higher usually means deleting store facing apps (we do not recommend this)

Cases where we refund

  • If a developer starts working on your site and realizes that they will not be able to perform the service
  • If a developer starts working on your site and believes that the project will not help you
  • If you order a package (Essentials, Entrepreneur), and the developer is unable to improve load speed or make the site lighter (according to

Cases where we do not refund

  • If a developer completes the project you ordered but the score does not go up on an unsupported analysis tool (Google PSI, Shopify speed score, Pingdom, etc)
  • If a developer completes the project you ordered but you are unhappy with the results (we can only do the work to optimize your site as much as your site allows, there’s not a magic dial to make your site faster)
  • If your website was edited after the developer delivered your project (we can’t control what other people / apps do to affect your website after we’re done)

Non-Optimization Projects

We also build apps and custom features, do consulting, build sites, and do migrations from other platforms.

For custom projects, we work with you to create a proposal. By making payment on the project, you agree to the proposal. Once a project is agreed complete and the final payment is made, the project is considered finished and non-refundable.

For analysis / consultation projects, we charge based on the time for one of our developers to analyze your problem, project, etc, and report back with their findings or advice. After the developer has put in the time for the project and delivered the report, the project is non-refundable.

We offer 7 days free support on projects after they have been delivered. If you need support or adjustments after the 7 days we are happy to do it, but it will require an additional project / quote.

Thanks again for reading, we look forward to working with you help level up your Shopify store.