We prioritize transparency and provide detailed information upfront to help you determine if our services are suitable for your needs.

We strive to provide honest, diligent service and inform you promptly if a project may not meet your expectations before starting.

For Performance/Speed Optimization Projects

Cases where we refund:

  • If a developer determines they cannot perform the service after starting work on your site.
  • If a developer believes the project will not benefit your site.
  • For the Google PSI Optimization service, if the developer cannot increase your mobile score to 65+ and desktop score to 90+.

Cases where we do not refund:

  • If a developer completes any project (except Google PSI Optimization) and the score does not improve on unsupported analysis tools (e.g., Google PSI, Lighthouse, Shopify speed score, Pingdom).
  • If you are dissatisfied with results after completion (optimization results are limited by your site’s current capabilities).
  • If your website is edited after project completion (we cannot control changes made by others/apps post-delivery).
  • After the 7-day free support period has expired.

For Non-Optimization Projects

Custom Projects (Apps, Features, Consulting, Site Builds, Customizations, Migrations, etc):

  • We collaborate with you to create a proposal. Payment on the project signifies agreement to the proposal.
  • Once the project is deemed complete and final payment is made, it is considered finished and non-refundable.

Analysis / Consultation Projects:

  • Charges are based on the time our developers spend analyzing your issue, project, etc., and providing findings or advice.
  • After the developer has invested time and delivered the report, the project becomes non-refundable.

Support Policy:

  • We provide 7 days of free support after project delivery.
  • Any support or adjustments needed beyond the 7-day period will require an additional project or quote.