Hi I’m Joe, I started Speed Boostr in 2017 with the goal of becoming the go-to performance optimization agency for Shopify.

We’ve grown into a collective of freelance Shopify developers and are looking to expand the team.

Speed Boostr is primarily a B2B service to make Shopify sites faster by using analysis, speed hacks, and best practices. We also publish blog content and create apps (one so far, the Analyzer) to help Shopify stores be more successful.

I’m a long time traveling freelancer (mainly web development and marketing), and built Speed Boostr based on values of freedom, flexibility, and fairness.

We’re hiring for Shopify Optimizers (below) and Content Creators (scroll down).

Shopify Optimizer

  • We’re a collective of freelancers, which means you can work from anywhere and set your own hours
  • Most of the gigs are on our Services page, but we also do custom work
  • Excellent communication is key for interacting with the client and generating the optimization report
  • You should have strong HTML / CSS / JS skills and some experience working with Shopify sites and the Liquid language
  • Best fit will be if you’re interested in site optimization and have a desire to learn and expand your skills
  • For pay we have a “dev share” model, where devs get a majority of the income from services rendered, and Speed Boostr gets a commission
  • We’re a small team that helps each other, and are open to new ideas and flexible to growth opportunities

A typical project looks like this:

  1. Customer orders a service
  2. As orders come in, gigs are assigned to developers in a queue system
  3. You take the lead on a project, introduce to the customer, then you handle the optimization, communication, and delivery of the optimization report
  4. Get paid with PayPal

This gig is a good fit if you enjoy analysis and optimization, like working with Shopify, and are an independent self learner.

Content Creator

Mainly looking for a blog writer but I generalized the name in case you have other ideas you think would be cool.

Our blog is called Level Up.

We post weekly content to help level up Shopify stores.

Topics include:

  • Optimization tips
  • eCommerce marketing strategies
  • Case studies
  • App reviews and recommendations

Right now it’s just me, publishing every Tuesday… would be nice to have another writer on board to help out 😃

If you enjoy writing and can provide value to Shopify store owners through the Level Up blog, please apply below.