Hi we’re Speed Boostr, a collective of Shopify developers that optimize sites, build apps, and contribute guides, tools, and resources for the Shopify community.

We work remotely, meet up every once in awhile, and like to enjoy the adventure. Meet the team here.

We believe in freedom and flexibility, and some of us are permanent travelers.

Positions available

We’re currently hiring for 1 freelance position:

  • Digital Marketer

We occasional bring on more developers as we expand, so if you’re a developer and would like to join our team feel free to apply at the bottom of the page.

Digital Marketer

There are 2 marketing areas we can use some help:

  1. User acquisition and community growth, primarily for our Shopify apps
  2. Doing marketing consulting / services for our ecommerce clients

If you’re skilled in either feel free to apply.

Ideal candidate

  • Creative ideas for organic growth
  • Proven ability to create +ROI campaigns
  • Passionate about learning and achieving mastery
  • Case studies

Marketer Application

Developer Application

If you have ideas for projects you’d like to build or want to join the team, apply here: