App Magic: The Best Shopify Apps for Automated Marketing and Easy ROI

App Magic: The Best Shopify Apps for Automated Marketing and Easy ROI

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Speed Boostr makes Shopify sites load faster, but we’re also ecommerce nerds! So we love experimenting and finding the best apps to automate sales and marketing.

After working with hundreds of Shopify stores and testing countless ecommerce marketing techniques, I’ve compiled a master list of the best Shopify apps to achieve automated marketing and easy growth.

Most of these are specific to the Shopify platform, so you’ll need that first. If you don’t have Shopify set up yet give us a shout we’ll help you out.

How to Use This Guide

Take care of the low hanging fruit first, then jump to whichever category you want to go for.

All of these apps are proven to generate a positive ROI and save time and money, so you can also just run through it top to bottom for a good level up on your store.

1. Low Hanging Fruit

These take just a few minutes to set up and provide automated gains forever.


facebook retargeting app - Shoelace

Shoelace provides expert level Facebook remarketing, on complete autopilot.

Key Features:

  • Easy way to increase sales and get more customers
  • Runs on autopilot
  • Shoelace gets smarter over time as it learns from your audience/visitors

Remarketing / retargeting is key because most customers need to interact with you a couple times, and most visitors won’t convert the first time. Remarketing solves that by showing them your ad after they leave your site.

Once you install the app, just kick back and wait – they will suggest the ad creative, audience, and budget… You just have to approve the suggestions.

Here’s a real example of Shoelace in action on a site getting about 10,000 sessions/mo:

Nice math right?!

Retargeting WILL increase your sales, and the brilliant simplicity of Shoelace handles it for you with zero effort.

Shoelace is only $49/mo for essentially complete Facebook remarketing management, and they give a 14 day free trial to so you can test it out first.

Shoelace is a must have app for every Shopify store.

Get Shoelace here

Crush Pics

image optimization app

Crush Pics automatically compresses your website images to make your site load faster.

Key Features:

  • Automatically compress your current and future images
  • No quality loss if you choose “lossless” compression
  • Faster website = higher conversions, SEO rankings, engagement, traffic, and revenue

Crush Pics is a quick win to make your site faster, improve your SEO rankings, increase usability and conversion rate.

Images are generally the heaviest part of a web page. You can manually compress them (boring), or you can just install Crush Pics to automatically handle it for you (and any future images you upload).

Crush Pics has 2 settings, “Lossy” compression and “Lossless” compression. I like using “Lossless” compression because it significantly compresses the image while maintaining the same quality. “Lossy” compression will make for a smaller file weight, but at the sacrifice of losing some resolution.

Bonus feature: You can also mass update your image “alt” attributes and file names to make them more SEO friendly.

There’s a free version, but for most stores you’ll want to bump up to a paid plan to compress more images automatically.

A faster website improves most of your key metrics, so investing in improving your speed is an easy positive ROI.

We have a Shopify image compression guide here with step by step instructions and explanations for setting this up.

Get Crush Pics here

2. Increasing Engagement and Average Order Value


Limespot makes it easy to insert product carousels like related items, trending, popular, etc.

Key Features:

  • Increase engagement and conversion rate
  • Responsive carousels that get smarter with time
  • Increase average order value and revenue

Trackable data: the app includes a graphic dashboard that shows Limespot driven clicks, conversions, and sales.

It’s free until it starts generating actual sales, and at that point it’s easily paying for itself many times over.

Get Limespot here

Boost Sales – Up-sell & Cross-sell

Well designed up-sell and cross-sell popups to increase average order value.

Key Features:

  • Automated smart recommendations to suggest products customers are likely to buy
  • Set up discount incentives for adding additional products to cart
  • Increase items per order and revenue

Boost Sales allows you to set up rules that trigger popups. This works well to suggest bundles, give a discount for adding a certain product, and suggest “frequently bought together” products.

Get Boost Sales here

3. Social Proof

Covet Pics

Covet Pics is a feature-packed Instagram and gallery app for your Shopify store.

Key Features:

  • Automatically pull in your Instagram feed into a cool widget
  • Create galleries based on hashtags (great for product pages)
  • Add social proof by showing customer pics with your products

An A/B test study from Taktical Growth Hacks showed that product pages with customer Instagram photos showed a 24% increase in people reaching checkout.

Covet Pics is the easiest way to set up customer IG photos on your product pages.

Get Covet Pics here

Judge Me

Judge.Me is a feature packed reviews app plus much more.

Key Features:

  • Easily create automatic review requests, featured review carousels, and SEO rich snippets
  • Incentivize more reviews by including discounts
  • Fast and well designed widgets to show social proof and increase your conversions

Judge.Me has too many features to list – it’s a super powerful reviews+ app that increases engagement and breathes life into your store with reviews and questions/answer features.

I’ve personally been watching this app grow over the last few years from a small reviews app to a feature-packed, speed optimized, well designed go-to Shopify app.

Their support is great, you can import reviews from anywhere, and the price has always stayed at a humble $15/mo.

Bonus feature: if you have Shoelace, you can auto-pull 5 star reviews to show to your retargeted customers.

This is a must have app for every Shopify store.

Get Judge.Me here

4. Increasing Inbound Traffic on Autopilot

Increase your traffic and you increase your sales. You’re probably doing PPC and trying to figure out SEO, but have you thought of creating an affiliate program? It’s a lot easier than you think, you just need the right app!


Refersion is an easy to set up full-featured affiliate marketing platform.

Key Features:

  • Create discount code triggers for affiliate promotion without links (Instagram for example)
  • Analytics and dashboard software for you and your affiliates
  • Create an army of affiliates promoting your brand and linking to your website

Affiliate marketing is great because you get more sales, more referral traffic, and increased SEO rankings as more affiliates link to your site.

Set up an affiliate program easily with Refersion, then start connecting with affiliates that vibe with your brand and products to create an automated inbound marketing channel.

Get Refersion here

5. Automatic Remarketing for Easy Sales

Already mentioned Shoelace above for Facebook remarketing… Here are 2 more juicy apps to automate your remarketing sales on email and the web.

Abandonment Protector Plus

Send out automated abandoned cart email sequences and watch your customers and sales increase.

Key Features:

  • Pre-designed email templates that you can customize and have sent out in time intervals
  • Include a discount code or free shipping to win the sale
  • Get conversion and history details, so you can set up tests and hone in your abandoned cart strategy

Here’s a real life example of the trackable metrics to see the app working to get you more sales:

If you don’t have abandoned cart emails set up, you’re leaving money on the table.

Get Abandonment Protector Plus here

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a powerful retargeting solution for multiple platforms. It’s not a Shopify app, but an excellent marketing tool for any eCommerce store.

Key Features:

  • Advertise on the web to your lost customers
  • Easy to setup, but also has powerful in-depth features and analysis
  • Retarget to multiple ad networks on the same campaign

Perfect Audience covers your web retargeting and more… combine this with Shoelace for Facebook retargeting and you capture lost customers and generate more sales on autopilot.

Get Perfect Audience here

6. Building an Email List


Sumo is an email list builder app and suite of marketing tools.

Key Features:

  • Set up email popups and capture about 3% – 5% of your traffic into your email list
  • A/B testing, predesigned templates, and conditional rules for full control of your popus
  • Contains a suite of apps like share buttons, heat maps, and different types of email captures

Popups work, and since only about 2% of your traffic is likely converting to customers, you want to capture your audience for future sales by funneling them to your email list.

Sumo gives you analytics, marketing tips, and apps to increase your sales and build that valuable email list.

Get Sumo here


Gleam makes it easy to run contests and do product giveaways to build your email list, social media following, and viral sharing.

Key Features:

  • Run giveaway contests and let the software do the work for you
  • Set up a contest, promote on social media, and watch the emails your social media fans swell
  • Generate buzz around your products and build your audience

Gleam is a great combo with your list building software to supercharge your social media following and email list. Create a contest, choose the entry requirements, and the app tracks the actions and chooses a winner automatically.

Get Gleam here


Marketing is all about experimenting, and there are a lot of great apps out there to help your journey – this is just a condensed lineup of the best apps for automated marketing and increasing sales.

They all have free trials, so give em a try and see how they work out for your store.

If you have any questions or think I missed anything, drop a comment below.

By the way if you haven’t done our Speed Boostr service yet, check it out here. We make Shopify sites load faster, which gets you more conversions, engagement, SEO rankings, and revenue.

As a Shopify Partner and affiliate with some of the apps listed, I may receive a commission if you sign up from these links. Every app here is recommended in confidence because it has a proven positive ROI and adds value to Shopify stores. And Shopify is awesome, it’s the best eCommerce platform I’ve worked with.

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