Order Automator shopify app preview

👉 Get the Order Automator on the Shopify app store.

This app can:

  • Automatically fulfill Shopify orders with products set to fulfill by Amazon
  • Tag orders that need to be manually fulfilled
  • Tag international orders
  • Send email notifications based on order conditions


Yes! We built version 1 to be the perfect solution for Shopify store owners that fulfill products using Amazon FBA.

We love automation and saving you time, so please contact us with auto fulfillment requests, additional tagging or email conditions, or features you’d like.

This will depend on your settings.

This app automatically fulfills orders by requesting fulfillment using the Fulfillment by Amazon service connected to your Shopify store, which only allows connection to 1 marketplace right now.

You can select your marketplace in the app:

enabling amazon fulfillment

Whichever marketplace you have selected there, the app will auto fulfill orders in that country. In this example, regardless of your location orders with FBA products will be fulfilled in the USA.

If you have other 3rd party fulfillment requirements or ideas for a feature to help in your situation, let us know and we’ll see what we can do 👨‍💻

Connect your Amazon Seller account to Shopify then enable auto fulfillment in the Order Automator app.

As of September 2019, only Amazon USA or Amazon Canada marketplaces are eligible for Shopify connection. Contact us if your marketplace is outside of that.

1. Activate fulfillment by Amazon

Go to https://www.shopify.com/admin/fulfillment_services/signup_for_mws to connect your Shopify store with your Amazon Seller account.

2. Set your shipping rates to match Amazon’s

Amazon offer’s these shipping rates (source from Amazon):

  • Standard Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Priority Shipping

For Amazon fulfillment to work, your shipping option(s) has to match Amazon’s shipping name exactly.

I like to show the time frame on the checkout page. You can do that by editing your “theme language” like this:

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes
  2. On your theme, select Actions then Edit languages
  3. Select Checkout & System
  4. Edit the Shipping method notice field

Edit Shopify checkout shipping text

Now your checkout page will show that custom text:

Shopify checkout page shipping edit

3. Set your products to fulfillment service Amazon

Go to the product page in the Shopify admin to update these settings.

Change Inventory managed by to Amazon Marketplace Web:

enable amazon inventory management in shopify

The product SKU should match exactly the SKU for this product in Seller Central.

4. Enable auto fulfillment in the Order Automator

Open the Order Automator app from your Shopify app list.

On the Autofulfill tab, select your marketplace and click the Enable button.

enabling amazon fulfillment

Auto fulfillment is activated 😎

Now all orders with FBA products in the selected marketplace will automatically fulfill, ship, and send customer email notifications. Nice.

If you cancel an order on Shopify, you’ll need to also cancel that order in Amazon Seller Central to prevent it from being shipped.

For more details about Shopify and Amazon FBA connection, see Shopify’s instructions to set up Amazon Fulfillment.

Expedited and Priority Shipping is not available for P.O. Boxes in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.from Amazon

The fulfillment request will fail in these cases. You’ll have to either change shipping or manually ship these orders.

To get notified when these orders come through, enable Amazon exceptions in the Notifications tab of the Order Automator.

The Order Automator will automatically fulfill all Shopify orders with products set to FBA according to the marketplace you choose in the Order Automator settings.

For orders outside of that marketplace, here’s how to fulfill those:

  1. Manually fulfill the order (from warehouse, 3rd party, etc)
  2. On the order page click the Request fulfillment button
  3. Fill in Shipping methodTracking number, and Shipping carrier
  4. Click Fulfill items button
  5. Click Mark as fulfilled button

Enable Tag orders to be manually fulfilled to add a “manual” tag for orders with any of these conditions:

  • Contains product with fulfillment service set to Shopify
  • FBA Orders outside of the selected marketplace (if Autofulfill FBA orders is enabled)

Enable Tag international orders to add an “international” tag for orders outside of your home country.

You can bookmark the links in the Tag Orders section to quickly access the tagged orders in your Shopify admin.

If you have any questions or feature requests contact us.