Order Automator shopify app preview

👉 See app screenshots and get the Order Automator in the Shopify app store.

This app can:

  • Automatically fulfill Shopify orders with products set to fulfill by Amazon
  • Automatically fulfill line items based on rules you create
  • Tag orders based on rules you create
  • Send email notifications based on order conditions
  • Auto cancel high risk orders or get notifications


Here’s an overview of the steps required:

  1. Register an Amazon Seller Central account and upload products
  2. Connect Shopify’s built in FBA service
  3. Configure your FBA products in Shopify
  4. Configure your shipping rates
  5. Set up automatic fulfillment
  6. Create a plan for international orders

See the details in our step by step guide on how to use Amazon FBA to fulfill Shopify orders.

Yes. You can create custom fulfillment rules in the app.

If you’re not able to automate a fulfillment with your situation, contact us with your request and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

This will depend on your settings.

This app automatically fulfills orders by requesting fulfillment using the Fulfillment by Amazon service connected to your Shopify store, which only allows connection to 1 marketplace right now.

You can select your marketplace in the app:

enabling amazon fulfillment

Whichever marketplace you have selected there, the app will auto fulfill orders in that country. In this example, regardless of your location orders with FBA products will be fulfilled in the USA.

If you have other 3rd party fulfillment requirements or ideas for a feature to help in your situation, let us know and we’ll see what we can do 👨‍💻

Expedited and Priority Shipping is not available for P.O. Boxes in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.from Amazon

The fulfillment request will fail in these cases. You’ll have to either change shipping or manually ship these orders.

To get notified when these orders come through, enable Amazon exceptions in the Notifications tab of the Order Automator.

The Order Automator will automatically fulfill all Shopify orders with products set to FBA according to the marketplace you choose in the Order Automator settings.

For orders outside of that marketplace, here’s how to fulfill those:

1. Ship the order

You get price discounts and an easier workflow if you use a dedicated shipping app.

I like Easy Ship for international shipping.

Important note about shipping to the UK: If you ship via USPS (from USA) it will get handled by Royal Mail in the UK. Royal mail will charge your customer 8 pounds handling fee to accept the package 🧐

So for shipping to the UK I recommend using the GlobalPost courier instead. The shipping cost is usually lower anyway.

Anywhere else should be fine so you can just choose the best courier for the job (Check Easy Ship’s calculator for rates / couriers).

2. Request fulfillment

On the order page in Shopify admin click the More button, then Mark as fulfilled:

how to fulfill international order with fba in shopify

If the More button isn’t available you can click Request fulfillment, enter tracking, fulfill, then mark as fulfilled.

3. Enter the tracking information

Add the tracking #, carrier, and shipping method. Then click Fulfill items:

enter tracking information in shopify

You can verify in the timeline section of the order page to make sure everything is complete, it should look something like this:

shopify international order fulfilled in timeline

Once Amazon opens up international MCF fulfillment this step will be automated too. Hopefully soon man that would be nice!

If you want to fully automate it you could set up a 3rd party service to handle international orders.

You can create custom tagging rules like this:

And you can visualize your tag rules + click a link to the shortcut like this:

When you create a tag rule, you have the option to create a notification and send to any email address.

This is useful for letting 3rd party vendors know when an order contains one of their items, or doing things like getting a notification when a customer spends over $xxx on an order (so you can nurture your best customers).

We built in a fraud checker that compares the Shopify fraud analysis on an order and takes action based on the options you select.

You can do things like cancel high risk orders, get notifications on high or medium risk orders, prevent auto-fulfillment on high risk orders.

If you have any questions or feature requests contact us.