Our team of developers work on Shopify sites every day.

We customize websites, create features, and build apps and automated solutions.


We can do just about anything on a Shopify site. Here are some common requests:

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase sales by increasing your conversion rate.

With our Conversion Analysis we test your site against 80+ check points on mobile / desktop, browser compatibility, and SEO. To see the workflow and sample, check the Conversion Analysis section in our CRO guide.

A/B testing is a way to learn what actually works on your site. Example: does a green or black add to cart button get more clicks?


  • UX Audit
  • Cross browser / mobile testing
  • Foundation SEO analysis
  • Report

A/B Testing

  • 7 A/B test ideas
  • Implementation
  • Analysis
  • App free trial

Custom Projects

We build apps and custom features. Take a look at some examples on our apps page.

If you need a problem solved or just want to level up your store, contact us to brainstorm ideas on a custom project.

Here are some ideas to kick it off:

  • Custom apps – Some things we’ve built: a custom product management portal for vendors to upload / modify products — a custom product builder tool — order automation systems synced with Dropbox.
  • App setup – save time and hire us to set up and configure any apps you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Hardcode app features – 3rd party apps can slow down your site. If the app’s features can be implemented as code in your theme, you’ll have more control and your site will load faster.
  • Custom website build – We can rebuild your site from scratch to make it faster than regular Shopify sites.
  • Site redesign – we’ll help you choose a theme (or create a custom theme), customize layouts, and implement features.
  • Store setup – from basic setup to advanced customizations to platform migration, we got you covered.
  • Collection sidebar – We can create custom collection filtering built right into your theme code so you don’t need to use a 3rd party app.
  • Custom features – do you think a slide-in mini cart would be cool to show when someone clicks your add to cart button? We can build things like that.

Need help?

If you have any questions contact us.



We’re a Shopify optimization and development team based in the US. Meet the squad here: speedboostr.com/about

Our standard project process:

  1. You’ll be assigned a developer to take the lead on your project
  2. For theme work we backup your live theme and do all work on a new theme
  3. The developer will communicate with you during the project

Yes, we love building custom apps and features. We can also build software solutions to automate business tasks. Let us know what you’d like for your business and we’ll work on a solution.
Yes. We use Stripe for payment processing. It’s the same company that handles Shopify Payments.

When you place an order your data gets encrypted and securely sent to process by Stripe. We cannot store or access your credit card information.

When we work on your site, we request access only the areas we need to work on – usually themes and apps.

For more help check out our full FAQ page or contact us.